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So you want to learn how to be a real estate agent. Good for you. The best thing about becoming a real estate agent is the ability to work for yourself. It can be a lot of work, though. Getting your real estate agent license, looking for new clients, and spending a lot of time with those clients as they look for houses and make offers. However, if you put in the work and have some perseverance, learning how to become a real estate agent can be a fun and rewarding career.

Since full real estate license regulations are determined by each state, the state you wish to work in will have their own requirements for what it takes to be an agent. But, read over these tips that apply to everyone about how to be a real estate agent, and get started today!

Complete a Real Estate Agent License Course

The requirements for completion varies by state, but you must complete prelicense coursework. You can find the requirements for your state here.

There is a cost for taking this course, so make sure you are ready for that. A way around that is to work for a real estate agency, show some initiative and promise, and the agency may pay for your course. If an agency thinks you can be a valuable asset to them, they may be willing to shell a little bit of money up front.

Pass the Real Estate Licensing Exam

The biggest thing to know when learning how to be a real estate agent is that you must obtain a real estate license. You can’t be a real estate agent with it. After you have completed the prelicense coursework, you need to sign up, take, and pass the exam.

You may take the exam more than once, but if you have studied and prepared appropriately, the exam will probably just take one sitting.

Post-Licensing Requirements

Some states require you to complete courses after your have passed your licensing exam. This is to make sure you truly understand the business of real estate. The courses are usually a class or series of classes that will move your license to full licensure status.

Broker Affiliation

Even after you have your license, you will not be permitted to work with clients until you have chosen a broker to be affiliated with. Talk with others in the business in your area to find a reputable broker that will help you succeed as a real estate agent.

Find a Real Estate Mentor

Great, you have learned how to be a real estate agent, and you have your license! Now what? You’re still new, and clients won’t be kicking down your door.

A big first step is to find a mentor. Someone who knows the real estate business and will give you tips and be a sounding board. A mentor should be someone you can trust. Some people will look at you as competition, but not everyone will. Find someone who will pick up the phone when you call, meet you for breakfast, and help you along the way. And when you figure out how to be a successful real estate agent, make sure you are willing to be a mentor for someone else.

Build Your Real Estate Client Base

Without clients, you don’t buy and sell houses, and you don’t make any money. Find ways to market yourself. Build a website, use Facebook, and get yourself out there. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid. This is your career. Grab a hold of it and go all out.

The best way to market yourself is through referrals. You get referrals by doing great work. Remember that when you are working with a client you are also making yourself known to people you’ve never met, because if you do a good job your clients will go tell their friends how awesome you are. Then those friends will call you.

Build Your Professional Real Estate Network

A successful real estate transaction requires more than just a buyer, seller, and two agents. There are a lot of other people that work to transfer property from one entity to another.

Part of learning how to be a real estate agent is building relationships with a good photographer, contractor, inspector, mortgage broker, and anyone else who can help you make a sale. The reason for these relationships isn’t necessarily for referrals – although those never hurt – but instead, it is nice to be able to make a quick call when your client has a question. When your client wants to know how big of a deal that leaky roof is, it’s nice to be able to call a contractor friend to get expert advice. Having trouble getting a loan to go through? Call your mortgage broker buddy to see if there is anything to try that hasn’t been thought of yet.

Your want your client to trust you, so surround yourself with people you trust.

How To Be A Real Estate Agent

Learning how to be a real estate agent is a never-ending process. Every day presents a new challenge. A career in real estate requires time and patience. You’ll spend a lot of time with other families instead of your own, but once you figure out how to become a real estate agent, you can find a good balance. Good luck!

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How To Be A Real Estate Agent

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