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What an awesome and inspiring action you have taken to learn how to be a life coach. Life coaches are extremely valuable for people from all walks of life. Whether you are a CEO or someone like me just trying to make your way in this world, the input from others about how to make the most of your life can set you on a much more positive path as you walk this earth.

Becoming a life coach can be confusing though. What experience do you need to be a life coach? What education do you need to be a life coach? Sometimes you can get so bogged down in the details that you forget to actually chase your dream.

Much like anything worth pursuing, being a life coach takes some time and energy. However, it is definitely attainable. Follow these guidelines to learn how to be a life coach.

Examine Your Own Life

One of the main¬†objectives of a life coach is to inspire and project positive feelings to others. Nobody’s life is perfect and free from problems and drama. However, a life coach needs to have good coping mechanisms in place to handle the difficult times in life.

If you see things in your life that may interfere with your ability to coach others, seek out help, either through books, counselors, therapists, pastors, etc. After all, it is hard to encourage people to seek you out when you have difficulty asking for help.

Research the Field of Life Coaching

Read, read, read. Do all the reading you can on life coaching. There are many different ideas on what makes a good life coach. Read as much as you can so that you know what style works for you. Of course, you’ll eventually develop your own style, but getting good ideas from others is a great way to start.

Think about your own personal network. Do you know any life coaches? Do you know someone who knows a life coach? See if that person would be willing to share some insight into how to become a life coach. Don’t be shy. A life coach’s job entails personal interaction, so be bold about asking others for help.

In addition to just talking to life coaches for career advice, see if you can train with them. That way you can get a hands on look at what the coach-client relationship looks like. You can also see other aspects of running a successful business.

Learn How to be a Leader and Mentor

A life coach has to be someone that other people want to follow. Whether you feel you are a natural leader or not, you will definitely want to learn how to be the most effective leader you can. Leading is more than just telling people what to do. It involves inspiring and empowering people.

Someone that is being coached will look to you for advice. They want to know that you can get them where they want to be. They want to be led, so make sure you know how to lead them.

Coaching seminars are great places to learn how to be a life coach. Attend some of these as they show you a lot of tools and methods that will make you a better leader, mentor, and life coach.

You can also learn a lot from online seminars. Here is one that offers live streaming seminars. Definitely check it out.

Get Organized

You will definitely want to get organized when you are learning how to be a life coach. Organization is important no matter what line of work you go into, but it is especially important for life coaches. If someone is paying you to help them organize their life, they will want you to be organized yourself.

Find a way to keep appointments straight, and find a way to keep your office clean.

Coach Those Around You

While you are building your client base you’ll need to get as much practice in as possible. See if your family or friends will let you coach them. Offer your services for a low fee, or even for free. The best marketing is through referrals, so if you can convince those around you that you know what you’re doing, they will likely refer you to others who will be willing to pay full price.

Choose Your Life Coaching Niche

Something to consider throughout the whole process, besides simply how to be a life coach, is what specific field of coaching do you want to go into. If you can be known as a great coach for a specific niche, it will be easier to get clients. Some ideas are relationship coaching, financial coaching, and confidence building. There are an unlimited number of things that people want help with, so be thinking about what areas you think you could provide the most help.

Life Coaching is Rewarding

People from all walks of life and education become life coaches because of how rewarding it is when they help someone become a better person. Much respect to you for wanting to do the same thing.

So how to become a life coach? It takes some time, energy, and effort, but you will be glad you did. It is well worth it!

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How To Be A Life Coach and Start Your Own Life Coaching Program

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