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Wanting to learn how to be a detective? Good for you. Becoming a detective is a demanding yet rewarding career. It requires a lot of time and energy, but there a few better feelings than putting a bad guy behind bars. The hurdles to becoming a detective aren’t impossible to jump over, but it does take some time and perseverance. If you like to solve problems and are a good communicator, then learning how to become a detective could be the right thing for you.

What Kinds of Detectives Are There?

When people want to know how to be a detective, they usually have one of three things in mind. They want to be a police detective, federal detective (usually FBI), or private investigator. This page is dedicated to showing how to be a police detective. But while some details my be different for becoming a private investigator or working for the FBI, the same mindset is needed.

The Right Mindset For Becoming A Detective

A good detective is patient and organized. Criminals don’t just walk up to you and confess. While there is an urgency to solve crimes, the process can be slow and methodical.

A good detective is also logical, analytical, and has good critical thinking skills. Solving crime is another form of problem solving. You will need to be able to think through different scenarios. Sometimes you get to sit at a desk or lay in bed thinking about the case, and sometimes you have to think on your feet. The ability to adapt to the situation is important.

Part of learning how to be a detective also means improving your communication skills. To solve crime you have to talk to witnesses, suspects, and members of your team and department. Not only do you have to talk to them, but you have to get them to talk to you. Good communication skills are required.

If you need some help improving your communication, here is a course to try.

What Education Is Needed To Be A Detective?

When most people want to know how to be a detective they want to know what kind of education they will need. The answer lies with the department you are interested in joining. Most departments only require a high school diploma to become a patrol officer. Becoming a detective, however, is more competitive, so a college degree is very helpful.

What degree is needed to become a detective? Many aspiring police officers major in Criminal Justice or something similar. That’s not always necessary. If you can show that you have an ability to solve problems, are good with people, and are a good police officer, then that usually carries more weight than your actual degree.

Before You Can Be A Detective You Need To Be A Patrol Officer

You can’t walk in off the street and apply to be a detective. You don’t learn how to be a detective that way. You first have to go to the police academy and get hired as a patrol officer. This will help you learn the streets, learn your style, and learn the law. Once you have police experience, you can apply to be a detective according to the requirements of the department you want to work for. Some departments require more experience than others.

As was mentioned before, becoming a detective is competitive. There are a lot of officers that want that job, so you have to be able to demonstrate that you have the experience and tools required for the job.

The police academy and your department will guide you on the licenses needed to become a patrol officer and detective.

Time Requirements

Detectives don’t always work on a fixed schedule. While it’s mostly day work, there are many times when you will be called out at all hours of the night. Police are there to protect and serve, and that includes detectives. When the public needs you, you’ll be there.

That can be hard on families, who are also learning how to be a detective. If you work with those around you to manage your time well, you can make the best use of that time and hopefully keep everyone happy.

How To Be A Detective?

Learning how to be a detective can be confusing. It’s not as glamorous as TV makes it look. You get spit on, yelled at, hit, cussed, and every other mean thing a person can do to another. But if you still want to do it, good for you. It can be hard, but solving crimes for victims and their families and sending bad people to jail make it very worthwhile. Good luck!

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How To Be A Detective

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